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TrueArt Music CD Productions

*Please note that our CD production service is strictly limited to individuals who have received a formal invitation or have been expressly authorised by us.

  • Description: produce identical CD EP copies

  • Content: 1-5 pieces

  • Duration: less than 30 minutes

  • Insert Page: double-sided sing​le page insert including biography and program notes

​1-10 copies

£59 per CD

11-30 copies

£32 per CD

31-50 copies

£26 per CD





  • Branding: Production of a professional branded CD under our label "TrueArt Music".

  • CD Production Materials: Physical components required for manufacturing and assembling your final branded CD.

  • CD Cover and Back Artwork Design: Designing visually appealing and professional front and back cover artwork for your CD.

  • CD Booklet Insert Design: Designing the booklet insert for the CD case, providing space for additional information, such as biography, program notes, or artwork.

  • CD Artwork Design: Designing the artwork to be printed directly on the CD surface, creating a polished and branded look.

  • CD Printings: Printing of the CD label, cover artwork, booklet insert, and other necessary printing requirements.

  • CD Duplication: Duplicating your music track(s) onto the CD(s) with accurate and high-quality reproduction.

  • Shrink Wrap: Individually shrink-wrapping each CD for protection and packaging integrity.

  • Shipping to All Countries: Worldwide shipping services available to deliver the finished CD(s) to your desired locations.



Step 1 - Choose a package and make your order

Please make sure that you have received an official invitation from us to be eligible to place an order, as our CD order service is exclusively available to invited musicians.

Step 2 - Submit required documents

Submit all following required documents to After receiving payment and all necessary documents below, it will take us about 14 working days to complete your CD artwork and booklet design.

  1. Your Full Name appearing on the CD

  2. Your performing piece name and the composer's full name

  3. Your performing audio track

  4. Your biography

  5. Programme notes for your performing piece

  6. Your high-solution portrait photo for your CD cover


  • Please ensure that all the written content you submit is accurate, as we do not provide writing and proofreading services. 

  • Please kindly note that we do not offer sound engineering or audio editing services. However, if you provide us with a performance video, we can extract the audio from the video recording to incorporate it into your CD production.

  • We strongly advise selecting copyright-free music for your CD production. However, if you choose to include copyrighted music, please note that you will be responsible for any associated licenses and charges related to the copyright of the composer or performing artist.

Step 3 - Artwork Proof & CD Production

Once the design work is completed, we will send you the artwork and booklet designs for your review and approval. After receiving your confirmation on the artwork, booklet design, and audio tracks, the production process for the CDs will take up to 20 working days. *Please note that for large quantity orders, the production time may be extended accordingly.

Step 4 - Delivery

Once your CDs are dispatched, we'll send you the tracking information. *Please be aware that depending on the customs regulations of the destination country, additional customs fees may be applicable. These fees will be the responsibility of the recipient.

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