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Philip Springer

World Classical Music Awards 2023 S3 Grand Prize Winner

Composer Philip Springer is best known for writing the classic Christmas standard, "Santa Baby", with lyricist Joan Javits. Springer’s first top ten song was “Teasin’” recorded by Connie Haines and in England, by the Beverly Sisters. Some of Springer’s songs include “How Little it Matters, How Little We Know” by Frank Sinatra, “Heartbroken” by Judy Garland, The Next Time by Cliff Richard (no. 1 in England and other European Countries), “Moonlight Gambler” by Frankie Laine, “All Cried Out” by Dusty Springfield, “Never Ending” by Elvis Presley, “Her Little Heart Went to Loveland” by Aretha Franklin, and many more. Springer composed and conducted motion picture scores in Hollywood including “Tell Me that you Love Me, Junie Moon,” starring Liza Minelli and “More Dead than Alive,” starring Vincent Price, and “Impasse” starring Burt Reynolds. He also scored episodes of the television shows Gunsmoke, Mannix, Along Came Bronson, Medical Center and the theme for "Crosswits", a 1970s game show. Springer was an early pioneer in electronic music. He is the longest living composer from the 1940s, 50s and 60s Brill Building era in New York City.

Philip Springer was E.Y. “Yip” Harburg’s (Over the Rainbow, Paper Moon) last collaborator before Harburg’s death. Springer’s collaboration with Harburg (called the greatest lyricist of the 20th Century by Oscar Hammerstein II) produced 15 songs, one of which, “Time You Old Gypsy Man” was referred to by Harburg as “the best song he has ever written” (New York Times, 1/25/1980).

Springer has been studying and playing classical piano since age 6 ½. His recent performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata went viral worldwide across all major social media platforms.

Philip Springer
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